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THCF is the national leader in the nascent, emerging cannabis industry.

About THCF

THCF Medical Clinics THCF Medical Clinics are working to truthfully educate the public concerning hemp and cannabis, as well as helping medical marijuana patients. We have clinics across the country where our doctors help patients obtain a permit for medical marijuana.

THCF Medical Clinics is the nation’s premiere physician’s clinic helping patients obtain their state’s permit to legally possess, use and grow medical marijuana. THCF has helped over 150,000 patients “get legal” in 9 states, with offices in Washington state, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Colorado and Michigan.

Our caring and knowledgeable support staff will help you through the process of becoming a certified medical cannabis patient. We are now scheduling appointments in 40 cities across the United States.

Contact us at 1.800.723.0188 for locations and details.

We are scheduling appointments at our clinics in :

Oregon at Portland, Eugene, Bend, Grants Pass and Umatilla

Washington state at Seattle/Bellevue, Olympia, Port Angeles, Spokane, Bellingham, and Kennewick

Michigan at Detroit/Southfield, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Flint, Saginaw, Marquette, Traverse City and Lansing

Hawaii at Honolulu, Hilo and Kapaa

Colorado at Denver, Durango and Glenwood Springs

California at Riverside.

Becoming a Patient

Our physicians require that each patient have current medical records that document the existence of one of the conditions for which medical marijuana is authorized under their state law. You must either obtain your medical records yourself (which may involve a fee) and bring them in to us, or you may authorize that your medical records be faxed or mailed to one of our offices.

Since our doctors are consulting with patients solely about their qualification for medicinal cannabis, and can not act as a patient's primary physician, we require that all of our patients have at least one other current physician.

Three Key Steps to Setting an Appointment:

Step 1: If you are a NEW PATIENT, in order to schedule an appointment you must first have:

A) CHART NOTES (The notes your doctor keeps in your medical file.) The records need to be current within the past three years and must pertain to your qualifying condition. We only need chart notes from 2-3 recent visits on your condition. These can be UP TO three years old. For example, if you saw the doctor in September of 2010, those records could be used until September of 2013. Please do not send older documents unless requested.

B) CHART NOTES must be from an MD (medical doctor) or a DO (doctor of osteopathy). Oregon patients may be able to use records from a NP (nurse practitioner). In other states, our doctors cannot use records from a NP or PA.

C) Any recent MRI or x-ray REPORTS (not required, but desirable if applicable). Please don't send the film, just the report.

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